We have some good news to share: Biden’s Rescue Plan is offering a ton of additional financial assistance for folks getting health insurance through Covered California. Folks who received unemployment income this year get extra special benefits. 

Here’s the scoop: Financial assistance dramatically expanded back in May. If you’ve looked at plans in the past and felt they were too expensive, it’s definitely worth checking out the updated rates. 

If you received unemployment income at any point during 2021, you’re eligible for a lower Covered California health insurance premium… and a super primo plan with $5 co-pays. You just have to make sure that your unemployment income is reported properly within the Covered California system. We can help you navigate that!

And there’s more good news. Everyone in California is now eligible to enroll or change Covered California plans through the end of 2021, whether or not you received unemployment. Book an appointment with the Ask Ariana team to change your plan or get enrolled.

Please do your friends a favor and help us spread the word about these awesome new benefits. And feel free to share this post with any communities that you care about. As always, we’re delighted to help for free. 

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