Because of our nation’s current emergency surrounding the Coronavirus (aka COVID-19), it’s more important than ever that everyone we care about has health insurance. Folks who are hospitalized with the virus face around $35,000 in medical bills. And that’s in addition to California’s new income tax penalty for not having health insurance. It’s no time to go without coverage!

In response, Covered California has extended the deadline for enrollment until June 30th to give all Californians plenty of time to enroll.

Enroll by:
  • March 31st to get coverage for April 1st
  • April 30th to get coverage for May 1st
  • May 30th to get coverage for June 1st
  • June 30th to get coverage for July 1st
Financial Assistance

Additionally, hundreds of thousands of Californians are facing layoffs, furloughs, and reductions in hours due to the pandemic. If you’re already enrolled in Covered California but have experienced a shift in your financial circumstance, you could be eligible to receive additional financial assistance. That may mean a lower monthly premium and/or lower copays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums.

If you need to enroll in coverage, or if you need to apply for additional financial aid, we are offering free and friendly assistance over the phone. You can book a free phone appointment here.

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