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About Me:

Hey there! My name is Ariana. I’m an activist, an attorney, and a certified health insurance agent. Healthcare access is my social justice calling. I know that the Obamacare system is mindbendingly complicated – no one should be expected to navigate it alone. I’ve guided hundreds of people through the labyrinth (for free!) and I’d be delighted to be there for you too.

My life story:

I grew up in Santa Barbara, California. I studied Cognitive Science at Vassar College, then headed back to the west coast to get my law degree and MBA at UC Davis. While waiting on my bar exam results, I lucked into a role working on my favorite TV show at Nickelodeon Animation Studios. After the show wrapped, I wanted my next project to focus on helping other people in a more direct way that making cartoons. Nowadays, I run a service that’s helped hundreds of people get access to care. And I train other people to do what I do.

What got you interested in Obamacare?:

The first time I went to enroll in health insurance by myself, it was incredibly confusing. I got stuck in some sort of limbo between Medi-Cal and Covered California and couldn’t get care. I didn’t know who to turn to for help and just gave up. Later that year, I fell in love with someone whose chronic illness costs $40,000 a month to treat. Suddenly, access to affordable healthcare became a huge issue in my life.

And that’s when I started thinking about healthcare access as a social justice issue. Obamacare has done a ton of good, but the system is so incredibly complex that you need a specialist to help you navigate it. It’s just like how you need a lawyer’s help when you go to trial or a real estate agent’s help when you buy a house. I felt a calling to guide people through the labyrinth. I got licensed as a health insurance agent and now I help people every day.

Relationship with the Cooperative Community:

I’ve spent over 14 years living in co-ops – first at Ferry House on the Vassar campus, then at J Street Co-op in Davis, and then I founded Marge, a “fun-sized” co-op in Hollywood. Nowadays, I live at Armadillo House in Davis, California. cooperative living has taught me so much about how we can all be stronger when we work together. My housemates help me with my gardening and I help with them with their paperwork. It takes all sorts to make a community strong. I want to support your passions by taking care of that pesky insurance stuff so that you can focus on what really matters to you and to our community.